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Thursday, January 19, 2006

last night

last night was just a ball went out to a joint called puncho i met the MBA.she was looking nice and all didnt say much but when she got high she started coming on to me i was solo i almost tripped i took her home after making out like high school kids, but i could not do it..... men i felt wack but good at the same time..... funny enough all i could think about was nummer eins and that i could not play her again with the same chic that caused her so much pain.. i will telll you more about the MBA...
am going home tomorrow i am happy .. i have missed my peeps and nummer eins.. i played her a nasty joke that i aint going home she is so sad .. i will give her the suprise of her life.....she texted me and wrote"are you for real bout comin late?i was to upset to even talk to you,i will needed time alone so i just let the phone ring endlessly" i hope that she willbe happy to see me..

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

home coming

my exams are really killing am drowning and i dont even have a straw to catch.the weekend was a bit eventful i met the MBA(she is a story for another day) at the rave she saw me and bounced she then texted me later to tell me were she is at.. i found that childish and sick... the club was jumping i got a bit high but at least i can remember what was happening... keroro was not in control
we have been having more conversation with nummer eins i have learnt things about her that i didnt know over texts and phone calls... she is more open and comfortable with me now i think that am gaining her trust over again which is good.... big shout to mocha for helping in that area of a peacement.. MUCH LOVE MOCHA....
i cannot wait to go home ..... i miss my country to much ...and nummer eins

Monday, January 09, 2006

monday blues

today i started my exams it was just what a brother needs to start his week.. a bloody exam. it was ok but still.....!@#$%$% yesterday i got mail from nummer eins(number one woman in my life)on saturday she sent me text bitching bout me being away means that i am playing her. she should know that i cant do that twice,yes i had already done it and i almost lost her.. not this time around.. you never miss your water till you tap runs dry but not this tap....later she realised that she was wrong saying the things she had said and apologised.. i think that was very mature of her..
it was a good day all in all had an ok weekend,cant complain except of the blues... have a fine day today

Saturday, January 07, 2006

furahi day(friday)

it was a new thing for me as usual the weekend would allways start with the brown bottle in my locals but not this friday i kept it sober..... it was shocking to everyone i know.. with all the pints i had over the dec holidays there was no way that i was going to start it all over again and plus i have exams like from the 9th jan..... interesting to note was that i realised that i never listen to people and believe me when your peeps are high they do say alot...... it started with white maua (white flower) teling that she has always had feelings for me which was a shocker cause she taps my roommate..... then the brit decided that this year was the year that we should get it on...we had fun ........sober may be the way to go this year ...

Friday, January 06, 2006

the begin

this is where it all starts. i have been busy the whole week trying to study for my exams whic are next week i hope that i will do well... thanks to mocha i have had the inspiration to start my own blog spot. hope all you lots enjoy it. mimi nayi is kiswahilli for me and you.